At Tailored Fitness Centre we can help you with  pre or post surgery, injury prevention/ recovery and post or long term illness. 

specialized programs in

  • Injury treatment, Recovery and Prevention
  • Pre & Post Surgery 
  • Long term illness (Cancer) Recovery 
  • Edema arm 


It is common for the region that is about to be operated on to be inflamed and weak. With a specifically planned exercise routine, a coach can help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation to the affected area. This improves mobility and helps with pain relief and also helps promote correct movement patterns and minimize compensatory movements like leaning and uneven weight bearing.


It is crucial to perform post operative rehabilitation in order to fully recover from your injury. This can be just as important as the operation itself and will ensure you have an understanding of the mechanisms leading to your original injury. The focus will then shift towards swelling management, and regaining range of movement, strength and balance.
Improving health and fitness, and being in optimal physical health can go a long way towards the facilitation of post-operative recovery.