EasyTape® is being taped in directions around the problem-zone a skin shift feels the most pleasant: this reduces the complaint. 

- The skin is being stretched with an even hand (this is called a `test`)

- The complaint can be pain, but also weakness, limitation of movement, itch, pressure, etc.

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Put in simple terms, the skin is being moved with the help of EasyTape® over the painful area or the affected joint. Note the direction which is perceived by patients as most pleasant and apply the tape in this direction. Then you test whether the previous painful movement (eg. walking, squatting) may be possible alleviated.  

External help

When in pain, the body uses natural compensatory mechanisms in order to still stay active. This is necessary for the healing process. In the corresponding compensation direction the muscles remain mobile and the skin continues to be elastic. With the external help of EasyTape® you make use of that very direction so the body can compensate and the healing process proceeds successfully. 


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